Friday, March 23, 2007


Bet you can't guess what I saw tonight! All right, you caught me, it was Royal Winnipeg Ballet's production of Dracula at the Queen E. Wow. It was amazing. I adored it.

I danced as a child and have truly regretted giving it up. I never regretted it more than tonight.

First, the costumes were phenomenal. Lucy's nightdress (pictured above) was my personal favourite. It was made of such floaty material that positively floated around the dancer's body. It was sensational! (Sidenote, I want my wedding dress made out of that stuff!!).

Second, the music was so dramatic but romantic. I believe it was all Gustav Mahler selections. It didn't overshadow the dancing but it didn't fade into the background either. I was very pleased. (Note to self, buy some Mahler!)

And of course, the dancing itself was a pleasure to watch. If I had to choose, Lucy and Dracula were my favourites. Although, Quincy Morris is a close second. Lucy had the entire first act devoted to her and I was not bored once. She moved so fluidly and the nightdress, as I said before, was such a wonderful compliment to her movements. At one point I thought as though everything began in slow-motion, but it was just this one perfect sequence that she pulled off really well. (Gah, I miss ballet so much!)

I think I was born in the wrong era to tell you the truth. There are so many things that I value that coincide with the late 19th century. Sometimes I think I'd be more comfortable then than now. But alas, a girl can only dream.

There are so many things I regret not doing when I was younger. Quitting ballet was one, but also walking away from Ringette, one of the only sports I was genuinely very good at. It just seems to me to be so tragic and sad. I'm the only person I can blame for not continuing. I only wish I could have seen like I do now.

Back on topic, overall, tonight has been very entertaining. Is it too late to rejoin a dance studio? I'm only 20...and overweight. Does that mean I can't? Is it too late? *tragic hands*


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