Monday, January 08, 2007

Tea Rose

School has started again. I'm kinda sad to leave my holidays behind. They were filled with many Halo nights and good ole' overeating.

I finally got all my marks in for last semester and it turns out I got straight A's. Two A minuses and one A plus. I'm fairly pleased, although these are all 101's and introductory courses.

This semester that I've just started, I'm taking four courses, but it'll feel like five since I have a lab attached to one of them.

Spanish 102 w/ lab
English 104 - Introduction to Creative Writing
Business 100 - Intro to Business
and Computer Science 150 - Intro to Programming

I'm most excited about my Comp 150 class since last night I spent about an hour and a half fiddling with the coding on my Myspace layout. It was tons o' fun and I'm excited to learn about it in a more structured environment.

I'm sick. It sucks. Or shall I say... estoy enferma y yo no siento muy bien? Ah si!

Anywho...going to watch tv with mom... I'm so tired of life right now. Phooey.

PHOTO: I think I posted this photo a while ago in another post but unphotoshopped. I added a filter to this, obviously, and I quite like this. I took this a while ago...2003? I think. Anyway... Victoria is a nice city.


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