Friday, September 08, 2006


Yeah. I forgot to mention I got pierced about 2 weeks ago with Mags. It's just my cartiledge but it's very exciting, isn't it? It hurt. I won't lie. I hurt a lot. But it was momentary and although it's still hurting it's only a dull pain when I bump it.

It's bitchin. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow Ryan, Mom, and I are going to Ikea (omfc, I've missed Ikea like the dickens), and then we're heading straight for Bard on the Beach. Seeing Midsummer Night's Dream. Wooooooot. My favourite play, silly isn't it?

I really need to clean my room. It's ugly.

I need to do some clean up on the compy. Run AVG, remove programs, defrag, blah blah blah. I guess I'll do that today while I'm cleaning. What a Friday!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Take Me Away

My first week of uni is over. Thursday's have become my Spanish day. Mostly because I *just* realized that all I have on Thursday is a Spanish lab and Spanish 101. Ha ha ha. Psych seems very exciting and English...I think I just might kill myself over. There is nothing more I deplored from high school than the ridiculous essays and theses we had to go through. Hideous and horrible torture.

I have an essay due Monday. How much does that blow? I've been out of school for 2 years, I'm compeletely out of practise.

Last night I bought Another Journal Entry the Expanded Edition by Barlow Girl from House of James. It's pretty good. I'm a little embarassed to say I like them because a) their band name kinda sucks. Es muy cheesy and b) I'm kinda known for liking hardcore punk, ska, and rock, but this is all pop-y and stuff. However, this is the exciting thing about change. I can do it. No matter what my image is.

PHOTO: A tribute to the god that Toluca is named after. Totally forgot the name, however, it means "the one who leans his head". This is near Ryan's flat and not very close to Centro de Toluca.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


All right. So the last time I updated this silly little blog was last January? Oh dear. I have much to say. I probably won't say it. I've got so much work backed up right now. I owe my LiveJournal account so many updates it's not even funny. And sad to say, this blog is at the bottom of my priorites. Not that anyone reads it, mind you. Nobody likes the "clean" blog, do they? I think people are simply more fascinated by gore and bloodshed then clean sheets and clean hair.

Yes, I am back from living and working in Toluca, Estado de Mexico. The city is wonderful. Reminds me of my own hometown. Not much in it to draw attention to itself, it's simply a working city. It's about the size of Vancouver but we found our way around. By the last month or so I had become independent enough that I could take taxis and ride the bus alone in a foreign country. I felt amazingly accomplished.

Ryan and I have grown closer and are now looking at the future together (if you catch my drift). It's exciting but nerve-racking. Everything's new again.

My parents came to visit and take me home the last 3 weeks of my stay in Mexico. I did most of my tourism then. Went to Zacango, Taxco, Nevado de Toluca, Cosmovitral, Ixtapan de la Sal, etc. It was rather cool being able to show my parents where I'd been living and working for the past 6 months.

I took many pictures and hopefully someday I will have them all scanned, photoshopped, and up on the internet. For now, however, the most I have are up on deviantART (click the link on your right). Hopefully I can get more scraps up onto Flikr. But for now. I'm busy.

As soon as I got home I began another job at an agenda bindery. It was extremely stressful as I worked 12 hours a day from 6pm to 6am. But it was excellent money. Unfortunately, most of it will go into my car or university.

I'm desperately trying to get back into my old gaming self. However, I'm still sucking at CS and Halo. Therefore, I spend a lot of my time with my Sims. Bwahahha. NERD. Although, I did buy a new game yesterday called Jade Empire. I was searching for a good rpg and the salesman at EB Games highly recommended it. Unfortunately, I'm still highly addicted to The Sims right now. Dilemma!

Also, I've started the Herbal Magic diet. I've been on it a week and so far have lost 5 pounds. I'm pretty happy with it. I had to cut all sugar, all salt, and must stick to a strict low starch, low dairy regime. However, I believe it will be worth it in about 8 months or so when I'm down to the weight I've always wanted. Wish me luck! I'm kinda getting sick of Splenda. >_<

PHOTO: From left to right, my father, my mother (wrapped in Ryan's hoodie!), Ryan, and me. Thank goodness for self-timers on cameras! We wouldn't have any pictures of us all together if there wasn't. This is in the crater of Nevado de Toluca. Cyclists make treks to this mountain just to ride up it. Atheletes around the world come here for training because of the thin air. It was VERY cold in the crater. On the other side of the lake, cattle were drinking and there was even a stray dog that begged for food. I have NO idea how they got there. But strays are everywhere.