Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sweet silver bells all seem to say throw cares away!

I had some of my film developed a few days ago and it made me really want to get to work on the rest of my Mexico photos. So, they're all done and up on deviantART. Please do go and check them out. I'd love feedback.

Good news, my final Spanish composition was cancelled due to the weather conditions and I found out I got 97% on my Psych mid term. Happy times!

PHOTO: Self-timer at Westminster Abbey. The hearts I added in Photoshop. ;)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

do you know the weight I'm under? When everything revolves around you...

It's snowing and I threw out my back. Now my back has been messed up for as long as I can remember and I often am in pain because of it but this is definitely the worst it has EVER been. I can hardly walk! Sitting is the worst because my tailbone kind of impacts on my spine, so I'm wincing as I write this.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep last night because I was so wracked with guilt. My car cannot drive in snow and my parents weren't going to let me drive Ryan to Maple Ridge. I only found that out last night so Ryan had to get a ride with his mom and now he's all alone out there playing on the worship team. :(

I can't play in the snow! I can't walk in the snow! I HATE MY BACK.

However, on the brighter side, Lib and I are going to the Sarah Slean concert at the Stanley Theatre on Dec. 18!!!! I am so excited. I've loved Sarah for....a very long time. Since Night Bugs came out about 5 years ago, I think. Anyway, she's lovely and Libby and I don't get to hang out that much. Better yet, I believe the tickets we got were free. w00t.

PHOTO: Sarah Slean cerca Night Bugs debut. So awesome.

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's true!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

< interestingtitle >bwah< /interestingtitle >

Aight! Yo, fo sho...and...peace out my homies...and....northsiiiieeeeeede! *facepalm*

Bleck, am drinking English Breakfast Tea...nothing beats good ole Orange Pekoe. :( Anyway, try to think of this post without that rather odd outburst. This is where it really starts:

Phew! Long weekend and week, let me tell you. Had a party on Saturday and it was rad taffy. I fell asleep though...heh heh...I'm blaming it on stress and not my callous nature.

Sunday, Jeremy moved back home. Now both my brothers are living here again, one is hopelessly in debt and the other will be moving in with my boyfriend soon, I hope. But holy crap! Both brothers = no internet, food, sleep, or clean house for me! However, I can now steal music off of them and play some LAN games with Jeremy now.

Monday, the power went out at UCFV and my classes were cancelled. Probably not as good as I thought it was since I have to make a Powerpoint presentation for Psych on a chapter I don't understand and with a program I've never used before. Yay for freaking out. >_<

Ah, Tuesday. Halloween = boooooooo. The English department at my school played the original Dawn of the Dead so Lib and I watched it. I love that movie. I found it much better than the new one and I just realized the music for when they're raiding the mall is the same music in the extras on Shaun of the Dead (the alternate comic-y endings). Awesome! 8-)

Tuesday evening was muy ridiculous. First, this old cow in Ryan's townhouse complex tells me to freaking slow down! All right, so it's not so bad, unless you take into account I was going 5 km/h when the posted speed is 8 km/h and I knew I had to be on the lookout for little trick-or-treaters. She had the nerve to tell me to slow down?! I stopped my car and just stared at her beady little face glaring through my windows. I could just see the cogs turning in her brain, "Ah, stickers on the car, green N sign, they must be hoodlum teenagers!" C-O-W-! Ok, so this mostly bothers me because she caused me to question my driving (which I worry about enough as it is). All right, so then as I'm driving farther away from Ryan's complex (which is rather close to Bateman), some REAL hoodlum teenagers started setting off firecrackers in the middle of the intersection I was in. Boooooo.

Wednesday, I almost got hit by a car that was about to run a stopsign at Ash and George Ferguson Way. Since I've been picking up Ryan from work, I use that road a lot and you would not believe how many people don't think anyone is coming down George Ferguson past Ash. It's unbelievable. This jerk doesn't look, nearly rams into me, and then has the nerve to look at me with disgust at the following intersection! J-E-R-K-! Finally, the last thing in a weeklong weird streak, I was privy to some deplorable human behaviour that I'm pretty sure constitutes emotional abuse. I saw a father bawling out his son for not "communicating" properly. What-ever. Holy crap. He was swearing so much at this 14 year old who was just hanging his head. I couldn't believe someone could be so awful to someone else. I wanted to say something, so desperately. I just wanted to embarass the asshole.

Anyway, all in all, feel awful about the state of the human race and am now going to be late for school. BOOO.

PHOTO: Geeses at Mill Lake.